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List of all hotels of Almaty

To your attention there are a list of all hotels of Almaty, with instructions of cost of accommodation and their location. Also listed category of hotels - from expensive five-star hotels to inexpensive hotels and hostels, and shows the approximate cost of room (price per room per twenty-four hours, day and night for 1-2 persons).

There's also given a link to the official website of each hotel. For more information and for reservations you can go directly to the site of chosen hotel, in addition, there you can see a map and get advice on transport.

The prices for placing and living in your chosen hotel pointed out minimum, i.e. for economy-class single room. As a rule, the price includes breakfast - a buffet.

Check-out time at the hotel usually at 12.00 a.m. if you have an early arrival and late departure, warn about it at booking. If you have planned late departure, you should pay half cost of room for twenty-four hours, day and night.

For foreign citizens almost all hotels offer registration, and some of them even give visa support.

Pay for accommodation, you can cash in tenge, or credit card. For reservations, many hotels ask you to indicate your credit card number, because if no settlement and unrevoked booking they will take from your account a certain amount as a mulct. In addition, you can pre-order a transfer, for example, from the airport to the hotel.

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