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The State Museum of National Musical Instruments named after Ykhlas

The State Museum of National Musical Instruments was created in 1980. It is one of the cultural sights of the Southern Capital. Kazakh musical instruments have been collected in the Museum from all regions of Kazakhstan, as well as from the CIS countries and other parts of the world.

More than forty types of Kazakh national musical instruments including dombra, kobyz, dangyra, kep-shik, syldyrmak, and national musical instruments of Russian, Uigur, Dungan and other nationalities were taken from the collection of the Central State Museum of Kazakhstan and regional local history museums of our country.

Such musical instruments as zhetygen, adyrna, sazgen, dudyga, tokyldak, asatayak, kernei, uuldek, uskuruk have been found as a result of scientific investigations and have been restored basing upon the ethnographic descriptions by O. Beysenbaev, D. Chokparov, A. Aukhadiev and others. Some musical instruments were obtained from population.

The collection includes personal dombras of poets, zhyrau and composers, such as: Abai, Zhambyl, Makhambet, Dina, Shashu bai, Kazangap, Nartai, Kenen, Seitek, Muryn zhyrau, Kyzyl zhyrau, Boltirik zhyrau, A. Zhubanov, A. Kashaubaev, A. Khasenov, D. Myktybaev and other figures of the musical arts.

The Museum is located in a wooden building, dating to 1907.

Visitors of the museum can get acquainted with a rich musical heritage that had been created by Kazakh people during a long historic development. A lot of national performers saved hundreds of remarkable samples of national music and the richest music folklore was passed on from one singer to another, from one generation to another.

The State academic orchestra of Kazakh national musical instruments named after Kurmangazy plays an important role in development of musical culture of Kazakh people, therefore a special section of the museum is dedicated to this orchestra.

Working hours: from 10.00 till 19.00, day off - Monday

Ticket price: children – KZT 50, students – KZT 100, adults – KZT 150

Address: 24, Zenkov street,

Phone: +7(727) 2916316

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