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The State Puppet Theatre

The Republican Puppet Theatre (from 1938). Created in 1935, with two troupes of Kazakh and Russian. Located in the clubs of the Verny, formerly a public meeting (probably in 1910, author unknown). Historical and cultural monument, inscribed in the register in 1979.

In the Soviet years the building was used for carrying out of town meetings and political meetings, theatrical and circus performances (from 1919 as party club named after Trotsky, then the Soviet theater: from 1935 y. - National Philharmonic, from 1960 - the union "Kazakhconcert"). Here, on February, the 5th , 1921 at a party conference decided to renaming of Verny to Alma-Ata (now Almaty). During the reconstruction of the building there have been lost memorial plaques.

Each year, the puppet theater gives more than 300 performances, which are visited by more than 25 000 spectators. In repertoire of theatre there are 40 plays that go on of Tablet (fr. planchette) dolls. The basis of repertoire is a fairy tale and legend - and literary folk, oriental and overseas. Now go to the shows "Kangbak shal", "Atameken", "Aladdin's Magic Lamp," "Celebration Continues", "Tarkamaydy toyymyz", "The Three Little Pigs", "Ush toray", "Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves", "Ali Baba zhane kyryk karakshy ", " Visiting a fairy tale: Repka, Masha and the Bear, Teremok ", " Keruen Dala ", "Champion Kozha ", " Big adventures of small young frog" among the audience are very popular, because they cover topics of goodness, heroism, justice, friendship, and ethical issues of our time.

The first directors of puppet shows, "Aldar-Kose" and "Otegen batyr" were the leading actors of the Kazakh Drama Theatre K. Batyrov, S. Telgaraev; graduators of directors puppeteers courses, A. Fedorchenko, A. Ancharov and guest master puppeteers as D. Lipman O. Tarasov. Composers such as L. Hamidi and B. Yerzakovich worked on musical accompaniments of first performances.

During World War II artists of the theater were part of the front-line concert brigades. After the war - tours to Vietnam and Cambodia, the winner of festivals in Tashkent (1979, 1989), Frunze (1975).

With the work of the collective familiar audience from China, Russia, Iran, Turkey, Bulgaria, Japan, Czech Republic, and many other countries. The theater has grown up and taught several generations of talented actors, artists, puppeteers, filmmakers, artists: J. Rutkowski, P. Pashkov, L. Lengorskaya, V. Gorenberg, A. Mikhailov and P. Potoroka, actors, B. Elephants, B. Parmanov, Eshmuratova K., N. Tregubenko, S. Kadyrov, T. Mayskaya, S. Shukurov and S. Kabiguzhina. Today big contribution to development of the theater a master puppeteers who have many years of experiences as: S. Abuyev, L. Pechorin - honored artists, actors V. Berkin, K. Ilyasova, D. Beisenbayev, chief designer Ye. Yashnev, director S. Makulbekov - owners of a badge of honor of the Ministry of Culture of the RK "Madeniet kayratkerі" (Cultural figure).

Steady state performances are held every Saturday and Sunday.

Beginning of performances: at 11:00 am (in Kazakh), 12:30 (in Russian). Outreach performances in kindergartens and schools are held from Tuesday to Friday. Day off - Monday.

Ticket price: 200 - 500 tn.

Official site of the theater:


Address: Pushkin Street, 63
Phone / fax: +7 (727) 273 69 21 (office) + 7 (727) 273 56 56

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