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Kazakh State Academic Theatre for Children and Youth named after Gabit Musrepov

(Theatre for Young Spectators) as an independent collective was formed in 1985, and together with the Russian theatre, as part of united Theatre for Young Spectators was established in August 4, 1946.

In 1967, TYS was awarded the Lenin Komsomol of Kazakhstan for the Sh. Khusainov’s performance "First Spark", A. Kenzhekov played the role Ghani Muratbaev. At the root of the collective were honored artists of the Republic of Kazakhstan - Mambetova A., A. Smailov, People's Artist of the RK - Bahtygereev M. At different times in the theater worked such popular artists of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as - B. Kaltayev, S. Sattarova, R. Seytmetov, A. Umurzakova, K. Zhakibaev, A. Kenzhekov, honored artists of the Republic of Kazakhstan - M. Kulambaev, J. Bektasova, K. Demesinov, G. Kazakbaev, L. Kadenova.

In 1992, due to the 90th anniversary of the prominent Kazakh writer and playwright G. Musrepov, the theater was named after his name. In 1996 for the contribution to progress of the multinational art of the RK, the theatre titled Academic Theater.

During its 65-year history, the Kazakh State Academic Theatre for Children and Youth named after G. Musrepov achieved great success, has created a basis for the development of creative potential, and is now one of the leading theater companies of the our Republic.

The auditorium accommodates 475 seats. During one year there are about 270 performances. Over the last years the repertoire of the theater filled up by such productions as "Suye bіlseng ..." ("If you fall in love ...") (author E. Hushvaktov, dir. B. Seytmamytuly), "Bұlbұldar tunі" ("Nightingale Night") (author V. Ezhov, Trans. A.Sygay, dir. T. Temenov), "Boltіrіk borіk astynda" (wolf cub under the hat") (author K. Muhamedzhanov, dir. T. Temenov)," Akan Seri - Aktokty "(author G. Musrepov, dir. Zh. Hadzhiev)," Қyzyl oramaldy shynarym "(" My poplar in a red scarf") (author Ch. Aytmatov, insts. and dir. T. Temenov), etc.

Beginning of performances: 12-00 and 18-30

Ticket prices: Children – KZT 250- 300, adult – KZT 250 – 500

Official Site:


Address: Abylay Khan, 38

tel.: 271-38-10, 273-22-48, 271-40-61,271-42-37

Tthe theater can be reached by buses 24, 59, 98, 139, trolleybuses: 5.6

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