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The State Academic Russian Drama Theatre named after M.Yu. Lermontov

Drama Theatre named after M.Yu. Lermontov, Russian, state, academic. "Lermontov’s Theatre" for 846 seats (Main Stage - 598 seats, a small stage - 120 seats) located in its own building (group of authors CRIED of spectacular buildings, Moscow). Built in 1969 by the architects: G. Gorlyshkov, V. Davydenko, M. Bylinkinoy, V. Rudenko, engineer, M.A. Glebova. An architectural monument since 1979.

It is created in 1933, the first performance in Semipalatinsk (the play of K. Trenev "Ljubov Jarovaya"( Love of Spring)). In 1934 it has moved to Alma-Ata to the new clubhouse of the PCIA, architect I. Burovtsev, (Dzerzhinsky street, 83, nowadays Uigur theater of a musical comedy is located). Architectural monument, 1987. There Russian theater staged the play of A.E. Afinogenov "The Fear." In this building has staged operas and dramas, solemn and socially-mourning actions were carried out.

The first actors of the theater - E. Kruchinina, Z. Morskaya, S. Assuirov, M. Brand, directors - L. Varpakhovskiy, M. Goldblatt, G. Tovstonogov, B. Bibikov, J. Shtein, A. Solomarsky, M. Sulimova, A. Madievsky. In the repertoire of the theatre are also performances of Kazakh classics: "Koblandy," "Night rumble" M.O. Auezov, "The Poem of Love" by G. Musrepov etc.
In 1964 – in the year of the 150th anniversary of Mikhail Yurjevich Lermontov - the theater was named after the poet.
The word “Lermontovets” firmly entered the lexicon of residents of Almaty, and it meant the member of theatre collective and well-known and favorite artists. After a successful tours in Moscow in 1974 the theatre was conferred the rank of academic theatre. In 1983 the theater was awarded with the Order of Friendship of Peoples.
Since 1983 and till this days the art director of the theater - national actor of the RК, the winner of State award of the RК, the winner of the independent award «Platinum Tarlan», professor Ruben Surenovich Andriasjan. The main artist - Vladimir Ivanovich Kuzhel (Honored winner of State Prize of the RK). The State Prize of the RK awarded the play "Ezop." With the State Prize were awarded also 5 people from acting and art collective of the theater. For actors of the theatre given new ranks of independent Kazakhstan - Honored personality of the RK.

The Kazakh artists also participate in performances of the theater. For example, a People's Artist of USSR, Kh. Bukeeva played in "Ivan the Terrible"-Mary Temryukovna, A. Zholumbetov - prince, People's Artist of the USSR Sh. Aimanov - Brett in the play "The Deep Roots", People's Artist of Kazakh SSR N. Zhanturin - Zvonarev in the play of "Port Arthur".
Over the last years the theater successfully tours and participates in festivals of the RK and also abroad. The opening nights, new productions and performances that are in high demand: "Crank" "The Mistake Murder" "Climbing Fuji Mount", "The Cherry Orchard," "Sky falls," "Pajamas for Six", "The King Lear", "The Fire in the insane asylum during the flooding", "Dinner after the opening night»; «№ 13", "French Lessons (Monsieur Amedee)", "These free butterflies".
The Leading actors of the theater: People's Artists of the Republic of Kazakhstan: Boychenko G.M., Nelskaya L.V., Pomerantsev Ju.B. (The State Prize winner of the RK, independent award winner "Tarlan") honored artists of Kazakhstan: Balaev G.N. Banchenko T.P., Grishko, V.A., Dolmatova N.V., Zhmerenetskaya N.L., Zubov A.A., Kapustin, Ju.N. (State Prize winner of the RK), Tokarev M.M., V.V. Tolokonnikov (State Prize winner of the RF); honored personality of the Republic of Kazakhstan - Gantseva M.Yu. (Winner of the Youth Prize "Daryn") Krezhenchukov A.N., I.M. Lebsak (State Prize winner RK) Lichadeev I.V., Zinchenko V.D.

The number of performances per year - about 300, attendance: more than 82 000 people a year.

The beginning of performances for children - at 11-00, adults - at 19-00;

Since December 2011 evening performances on Saturday and Sunday from 18-00

Tickets: Main Stage, 800 - 2000tg;

small stage: 1500-2000tg;

children's plays - 400 - 600tg;

Official Site:


Address: Abay Str., 43

Tel.: +7 (727) 267-31-33 +7 (727) 267-31-36, fax.: +7 (727) 267-31-45

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