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Park named after Panfilov’s 28 guardsmen

The park is located in the Medeu district of Almaty, the total gross area of the territory is about 18 hectares is situated between Kazybek bi – Zenkov-Gogol and Kunaev streets. The official name from May the 5th, 1942, in memory of the heroes of Panfilov’s division and heroes Almatese, who stopped the offensive of enemy’s tanks in Moscow during the World War II. All of them awarded the title of Heroes of the Soviet Union.

In the eastern part of the park are: The Museum of Folk Instruments after Yklas, House of Officers, the Monument of the Soldiers -Internationalists, and the Memorial of Glory with the Eternal Flame.

The opening of the memorial was held on May 8, 1975 to the 30th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War. It consists of: high relief "The Oath", dedicated to young fighters for Soviet government in Kazakhstan.

The central part of the triptych "Heroic act" printed on our memories the images of Panfilov’s heroes, who defended the Moscow.

On the Right - the composition of "trumpeting the glory," its image embodies a triumphant hymn to life. In the Eternal Flame - massive cubes of labradorite under which immured the capsules with an earth, delivered from the cities of heroes.

To the west of the memorial is the president's alley with Tien Shan’s fir, planted with the hands of the presidents who visited Kazakhstan in the early years of the independence.

On the south side of the monument, a bust of the hero of the Soviet Union Guards to the Major- General I.V.Panfilov.

To the north of the monument, along the Avenue of memory, that crosses the whole park, installed stone pedestals carved with the names of 28 heroes of Panfilov’s Guards, on the north side of the park is a monument to Baurzhan Momyshuly.

On the west - a monument-bust to Tokash Bokin. All avenues of the park converge toward the center - Ascension Cathedral (the St. Voznesenskiy’s Cathedral) .

At the day time in the park you can find squirrels, who quietly accept treats from people as nuts and seeds.

In cold weather, you can see briskly pecking the seeds of the flock of tits from hands of passers-by. And a lot of pigeons in the square on the north side of the cathedral fearlessly sit on hands and shoulders of people with food. Visitors of the Park can ride in a carriage with a team of horses, a pony, or camel.

On weekends and holidays, the park is especially crowded. People come with bunch of flowers to commemorate the heroes who died in battle for their country.

Historical background.

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