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The Monument of Independence

The Monument of Independence is erected in the Republic Square, at the intersection of Baiseitova street and Satpaev street.

The monument of art. It is included into the list of monuments of republican importance (in accordance with the resolution of the 12th session of Maslikhat of the 2nd convocation, September 26, 2001). Authors of the project: supervisor Sh. Valikhanov; sculptors A. Zhumabaev, N. Dalbaev, A. Boyarlin, M. Mansurov, K. Suranchiev, K. Satybaldin; architects K. Zharylgapov, K. Montakhaev; constructor S. Kalamkarov; builder A. Ermegiyaev. Monument was erected in 1996-1998

The complex represents the complete work of art that synthesizes architecture, sculpture and texts of sayings of outstanding scientists and state figures.

The monument is installed on a semicircular stylobate the diameter of which is 28 meters and which is situated in the centre of a paved round platform with 46 metres in its diameter.
The exposition of the complex’s territory is stretched horizontally on 180 metres. The composition’s centre is a vertical plastic sculpture 28 meters in height, reminding relief kulpitases (historical kazakh statues) of Mangishlak. It is crowned with «Golden Man » (6 meters in height) - the ruler who drives a winged leopard in the standing position and symbolizes the firm government on the Kazakh earth. This image is recreated on the basis of studying the concrete archeological finds in a barrow of Issyk near Almaty where a sovereign of saks (VIII-IV centuries BC) was buried in smart clothes with regalias and attributes of the supreme power. (Its style of clothing, gold ornaments on it are the masterpieces of world art, inspired by the products of the human genius).

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