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«Glory» Memorial-sculptural complex

Memorial of Glory is located in Park of 28 Panfilov Guards. It was erected on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War in remembrance of soldiers who have fallen for freedom and independence of our Motherland. Authors of the memorial are architects T. Basenov, R. Seidalin, V. Kim; sculptors V. Andryuschenko, A. Artimovich. This monument of Art, Architecture and History entered into the composition of Almaty state historical and architectural national park in accordance with the resolution of Cabinet Council of KazSSR, No 46, November 25th, 1993.

Opening of the memorial complex was held on May 8th, 1975, during which the Eternal Flame had been lighted. Capsules containing the ground brought from Hero cities of the USSR are bricked up under massive labradorite cubes.

Images of heroes of Panviliov’s division, who defended Moscow, are depicted in the central part of the triptych. The low relief chased with copper portrays the representatives of 15 republics within a map of the Soviet Union. The first part of the memorial complex is a high relief named “Swear” (from the left hand side) is devoted to the young fighters for the Soviet system in Kazakhstan. The central part “Act of bravery” represents images of the heroes of the Panfivov’s division who had defended Moscow till their dying minute. There is a composition named “Who trumpets the glory” from the right hand part. The last part gives some optimism to the Memorial because its images personify the Life’s triumph.

The park had been reconstructed in connection with erection of a monument and construction of the Eternal Flame in memory of participants of establishment of the Soviet Union in Semirech’e (architect B. Stesin May 13th, 1949); to the 60th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War (2005) and other public events.

Façade of a pass-through on four pylons with paired columns, the so-called triumphal arch is a high stylobate with many stairs that creates solemnity and sorrow of the Memorial of Glory. A passage to Eternal flame is decorated with a copper caulked low relief with military symbols.

Names of legendary people as Berezovskii, Ovcharov, Kikhtenko, Zhuravlev, Bokin are carved in the Memorial together with the names of participants of establishment of the Soviet Union. There is also a granite slab in commemoration of discoverers of air routes of Kazakhstan: pilot T. Suonio, flight mechanic N. Zorin.

It is a favourite place of newly married couples and a place of meeting and parting of Almaty residents.

Vladimir Proskurin (Berlin)

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