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State Academic Russian Theatre for Children and Young People named after N. Sats

(also called theatre of young spectators) is located in 22, Shalyapin str, corner of Altynsarin str.

Authors of the project are: architects A.A.Petrova, Z.M.Mustafina, G.S.Dzhakipova; engineers G.I.Stulov, G.I.Nikitin; artists Yu.Funkoreneo, V.Tverdokhlebov. The building is a piece of civil architecture of the 20th century, and is included into the list of national monuments (1982). In 1995, the theatre was given a title “Academic” in connection with the 50th anniversary of the theatre and it was name after Natalya Ilinichna Sats (1903-1993) - a founder of the first children’s theatre in the world (in 1918) and 60 more theatres for children all over the world including Theatre of Young Spectators in Alma-Ata.

During wartime, when artists from Moscow and Leningrad had been evacuated to Alma-Ata Natalya Sats wrote about necessity of the theatre for children and young people in the city.

A resolution of Council of People’s Commissars and Central Committee of Communist Party of Kazakhstan “On organization of the theatre of young spectators in Alma-Ata” was adopted on September 6th, 1944. And on November 7th, 1945, kids of Alma-Ata crossed the threshold of the theatre for the first time.

Outstanding workers of culture as Sergei Eisenstein, Nikolai Cherkasov, Vera Maretskaya, Vladimir Lugovskoi and many others worked during first years of the theatre.

In 1985 according to resolution of the Ministry of Culture of Kazakhstan, the theatre was divided into Russian theatre for children and youth named after Natalya Sats, and Kazakh theatre named after Musrepov.

And though they are divided, but they have the same aim – they are called to bring up in young generation the love to the art and the sense of beauty. Both theatres gained the rank of academic theatres in 1996. Kazakh theatre named after Musrepov is located in the old building, and the theatre named after Natalya Sats moved to a new building - one of the Houses of Art of Almaty in 2000.

The current repertoire of the theatre includes " The Tale of Tsar Saltan " (A. Pushkin), " Buzzy-Wuzzy Busy Fly " (K. Chukovskii), " Rabbit Nose-in-the-Air " (S. Mikhalkov), " Aladdin and His Magic Lamp " (O. Emelyanova), "Two Baba Yagas" (R. Sef, N. Karelina), " Little Red Riding-hood " (E. Shvarts), "Snow White" (based on fairy tale of Grimm brothers), "Talisman" ( V.Tokareva), "Woe from Wit " (A. Griboedov), "Romeo and Juliet" (W. Shakespeare ), "Timur and his squad" (A.Gaidar), etc.

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